Mexican Street Corn Esquites

Wilsons BBQ: Mexican Street Corn Esquites


Grilled corn, mayo dressing, hot sauce dressing, and of course some Good Rub doing its thing the way nothing else can. What are we talking about here? We’re talking about how to make some authentic food with a delicious twist of course!

Grill your corn on the cob on the hob and get that stylish little bit of charring that brings your dish to life. Approximately 570 grams will get you four portions which is ideal if you want to have enough left over for sharing, entertaining, or just keeping your own secret stash. 

Once you’ve worked your magic on the corn, reach for the mayo, pop the bottle, and mix in about a cup and a half. This doesn’t have to be too exact — you’ll know the right balance when you see it on your plate!


From there you can add in as much Good Rub as you like, and finish with about 50 grams of parmesan cheese. Give it a good mix and then take it back to the hob.


A low heat is what’s needed here folks, so spend about 10 minutes stirring it, warming it through, and melting that delicious cheese. For some extra taste bud points you can season with lime, salt, and pepper if that’s what you’re into.


Once that’s done and you’re happy with the taste, knock off the hob and spoon your delicious mixture into your servicing dishes of choice. From there you can add a second sprinkling of Good Rub, a little extra cheese, and then finish it all off with your choice of hot sauce. Simple right!

Now that you know how to bring this authentic little dish to life, it’s over to you to add your own twist.


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