Image by Max Komthongvijit

Good Rub

Good Rub was started back in 2019 as a lockdown project by Omar.


I found Good Rub on instagram and tried the rubs and immediately fell in love with them. I found myself not only using them for BBQ cooking but how versatile they were in everyday cooking in the kitchen. Soon we were ordering tubs of the stuff. Me and Omar became friends and I believed in the project so much that I wrote a few recipes for the website and wanted to share how good (pun intended) these rubs were with as many people as I could. 

MEET Chris

Time moves on and my love for the rubs is still as strong today as it ever has been, discussing my future plans with Omar, he asked if I would ever make a rub? A few discussions and beers later and we came up with a plan. 


Now I get to say that Good Rub is the first Bebops BBQ company. I am proud to have been passed Omars lockdown baby and have big things planned for the future of Good Rub. 


Hopefully you can tell that I truly love this product, I know you’ll love it as much as I do. 


Go on, give yourself a Good Rub.

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